Sunday, June 18, 2017

Walt has returned: "Tales from Down East" will appear tomorrow

Ed. here. Walt has been enjoying a much-needed break, having accepted an invitation from Agent 78 to have a look around one of Canada's maritime provinces -- beautiful Nova Scotia -- and in particular the remote paradise to which all the snowflakes said they would flee if Donald Trump was elected. That would be very beautiful Cape Breton Island.

In Walt's first attempt at investigative journalism, he tried to find some disaffected Yankee liberals who had relocated to Cape Breton, to see how they liked living in the land that Michael Moore holds up as a kind of Utopia which the USA could become if only a liberal Democrat -- Hellery Clinton, for instance -- were in the White House. Did Walt and Agent 78 (seen here scanning the horizon for snowflakes) find any? Click here for the answer, and other notes from "Down East".

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