Sunday, June 4, 2017

The word our "leaders" just won't say

"We have to stop being politically correct and get down to the business of protecting our people!"

Who do you think said that, following yesterday's "incident" of Islamic terrorism in London? (Body count as of this morning: 48 wounded, 7 dead plus 3 Muslim "martyrs" shot by British cops.) Give up? OK, I'll tell you. It was Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America. It was not:
- Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, a very proper English lady who is trying on her Maggie Thatcher impression -- "Enough is enough!", is what she said -- and failing.
- Angela Merkel, the frumpy hausfrau whose discredited Willkommenskultur policy opened Germany's borders to well over a million Muslim "refugees" and asylum-seekers, who are now sucking on the welfare tit while biting the hand that fees them.
- Emmanuel Macron, the newly-elected President of France, a "man" who never held political office and, because he couldn't marry his mother, instead married his school teacher, a lady (thank goodness!) 25 years his senior.
- Justin Trudeau, the King of the Selfies who poses as Prime Minister of Canada, who never met a Muslim he didn't invite to come to Canada and vote for him. M Trudeau and the state-owned CBC thump the multicult drum incessantly, preaching that Canada's diversity is its strength.

Now that President Trump has (according to the lamestream media) abdicated his position as leader of the Western world, Mrs May, Frau Merkel, and Messrs Macron and Trudeau are the only "leaders" we have left. Lord have mercy on us! Now that we so badly need a real man, where is the Churchill, where is the De Gaulle, who will order his government to take all means necessary -- including not just "containment", but deportation, imprisonment and execution -- to rid us of the scourge of Islamic terrorism.

For that's what this weekend's attacks in London (and Kabul) were. Islamic terrorism. "Allahu akbar!" is heard in the streets of a Western capital once again. Although there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the latest attack, ISIS had sent out a call on instant messaging service Telegram early on Saturday, urging its followers to launch attacks with trucks, knives and guns against "Crusaders" during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The one thing that the four "leaders" named above have in common is that not one of them used the words "Islam", "Islamic" or "Islamist" -- let alone "ISIS" -- in their public shedding of crocodile tears in response to the attacks. Like "cunt" and "piss", "Islam" is a word that the ladies who lead us have decided they just won't say. So the PC police have made it clear that "Islam" is now the I-word, the new N-word, not to be uttered, especially in the same breath as "terrorism" or "terrorists", in any form or any medium. Period.

Further reading (and viewing -- includes video): "Trump Uses London Attack to Criticize Mayor, Promote Ban", Bloomberg Politics, 4/6/17.

Apology to Theresa May
: In the video embedded in the Bloomberg article, Mrs May did say "Islamist extremism" once, in the two-minute clip. However, she also said these attacks are not representative of Islam, which we all know is the religion of peace. (OK, she didn't say that last part. I did.)

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