Friday, June 2, 2017

"Choose your Québec!" election poster stirs up merde in Montréal

Voters in the Montréal-area riding of Gouin went to the polls last Monday in a by-election to fill a vacancy in the Québec National Assembly caused by the resignation of Québec solidaire MNA Françoise David. Results in a moment but first, an item you'll have trouble finding anywhere in Canada's lamestream media. [He's right. I looked! Ed.]

One of the 14 candidates to fill Ms David's shoes was Alexandre Cormier-Denis, representing the Parti Indépendantiste. M Cormier-Denis was considered a dark horse (in the betting sense of the phrase) and given two chances of winning -- slim and none. He did succeed, though, in stirring up the merde by putting up the election poster you see at left, showing a woman wearing a Quebec-branded toque facing another woman (?) wearing a Muslim niqab.

The tagline -- "Choose Your Quebec", in English -- caused the usual gang of "progressives", "antifas", and PC wienies to throw fits. Cries of  "racism" and "Islamophobia" were loud in the land. Bill M-103 was invoked. A police investigation ensued. MUC police quickly removed the poster from outside the Beaubien Métro station, only to put it back up when they were told the M Cormier-Denis was duly registered with Québec's Director of Elections, thus entitled to campaign as he saw fit.

M Cormier-Denis is president of the francophone Horizon Québec Actuel organization, which has close links to the French Front National. In his Vigile.Québec blog, he points out that the sign was not racist because the same woman appeared in both images, and that it was merely meant to represent two different "models of integration".

The Gouin by-election was won by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, of Québec solidaire, with over 69% of the vote. No surprise there. M Cormier-Denis finished seventh in the 14-person field, with, errr, somewhat less than 69%. But his message will be remembered. Wait and see.

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