Monday, August 21, 2017

UPDATED: What really happened in Québec City

Poor Len Canayen, having very little to do until the start of hockey season, has been keeping a sharp eye on the situation in the Canadian province of Québec, which has been inundated this summer with 1000s of "refugees" and asylum-seekers -- mostly from Haïti -- who have been fleeing across the world's longest undefended border to escape Trumpian "persecution" and (really) get more generous welfare and other benefits. See "1000s of Haïtians invade Canada as Trudeau government dithers", WWW 17/8/17.

UPDATE: Speaking today at Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle QC, where about 98% of the invaders are crossing the US-Canada border while the Mounties stand by helplessly, Public Security Minister Ralph Goodale says he suspects that human smugglers [as opposed to robot smugglers? Ed.] may be the cause of the "spike". Nothing to do with Junior's putting out the welcome mat, then.

As you might expect (but won't be able to tell from reading the Canuck lamestream media) there has been a huge anti-immigrant backlash in la Belle Province, so much so that Prime Minister "Junior" Trudeau interrupted his march in yesterday's "Pride" parade in Montréal (in which he walked arm in arm with Ireland's new gay Indian prime minister) to denounce those who protest against the invasion and proclaim that Canada won't be defined by "a bunch of racists".

He was referring, no doubt, to La Meute (= The Pack, as in wolf pack), a group of Québécois which originated in a Facebook group and now has 43,000 members. They believe Québec is under the threat of Sharia law and radical, and are staunchly against immigration. Even as Hairboy spoke, La Meute was gathering in an underground garage in the centre of Québec City, in preparation for a march on the National Assembly (= legislature) for which they had a permit issued by the city government.

In anticipation of the protest march, several hundred loony left, antifa and "human rights" protesters assembled above ground, intent on "shutting down the racists". Here's a photo of some of the "counter-demonstrators". Note the hijabs, the masks and face coverings, and the red flags (including a Soviet Union flag worn as a mask). The flag with the depiction of an Indian (sorry for the un-PC word) is a symbol of the fight for "indigenous rights".

The alt-left counter-protesters had no permit. Their gathering was declared illegal by police when black-clad militants began jostling with authorities and threw projectiles at the police and members of La Meute. Maxime Fiset, who is paid by taxpayers for his "work" at the province's "anti-radicalization centre", admitted that their actions were violent. "I'm mad at such a display of violence," he told Radio-Canada, "because it was useless. It's a public relations victory for La Meute."

He looked on, ashen-faced, as members of La Meute emerged from their bunker and marched silently and peacefully down the street to the National Assembly... with a police escort. Here's a photo.

The leaders of La Meute were triumphant, claiming the group showed discipline when faced with provocation. Said Patrick Beaudry, one of the group's founders, "We made our point. I really believe this day will be the day La Meute gets out peacefully, just to the show the people what we really are."

Compare yesterday's march in Québec City with the events in Charlottesville VA. What began as a peaceful protest by the right was met with violence incited and initiated by the left. The protesters had a permit; the counter-protesters did not. Unlike in Charlottesville, in Québec City there was violence only by one side -- the alt-left side. (One of the leaders of the counter-protest was arrested and dragged away from the scene by police.) The difference in Québec City was that the police did what they are supposed to do, enforcing the law and protecting freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Perhaps, just this once, Americans could learn something from Canadians.

Friday, August 18, 2017

UPDATED: VIDEO: "Allahu akbar!" heard in streets of Turku, Finland.

I'm getting tired of writing this same headline -- including the words "Allahu akbar!" ("God is great!" in Arabic) -- over and over again. At the rate these Islamic terrorist attacks are occurring this year, I could write a similar headline every day, or at least once a week. [By the way, yesterday's last post was Number 3000 since the inception of WWW in July of 2009. That's not counting two or three that got taken down for some reason. Ed.] Only the location and the body count change. The rest of the story is always the same.

But can you say "Islamic terrorist", boys and girls? Apparently the authorities in Turku, Finland cannot. Two people have been killed and six or more injured today, when a man screaming "Allahu akbar!" went on a knife rampage before being shot by police and arrested. We have video -- just 7 second -- showing the aftermath. Listen carefully.

The police have so far refused to reveal the name, ethnicity, religion or motive of the attacker they are holding in custody. They say only that they are "investigating", proving that Finns are almost as politically correct as the Swedes, and just as eager not to fan the flames of Islamophobia. To which Walt says: Just because you're Islamophobic doesn't mean the Muslim jihadists aren't out to get you. They are!

UPDATE ADDED 19/8/17: The attacker, who deliberately targeted women, has been identified as a Moroccan asylum-seeker who entered Finland in 2016. No surprise there, then.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Four Islamic jihadis killed south of Barcelona following 2nd terror attack

Would you believe a second Islamic terrorist attack in Spain in less than 24 hours? Believe it! I'm just getting news on the mojo wire this evening that police in Catalonia say they have killed four suspects and arrested a fifth in the town of Cambrils, south of Barcelona.

Apparently the latest Muslim martyrs were attempting to replicate the vehicle attack that occurred in central Barcelona earlier today. The attackers, wearing explosive belts, drove into a pedestrian area. According to El Pais, five civilians were injured in the incident. (The death toll in the Barcelona massacre has now climbed to 13, with over 100 injured.) Police said at 0245 Friday (local time) that a counter-terrorism operation was still underway in Cambrils, but that the situation is now under control.

Meanwhile, the Spanish authorities have released this picture of the man who rented the van used in the Barcelona attack. He is Driss Oukabir, a native of Morocco and... wait for it... a Muslim. Reports in Spanish media suggest Sr Oukabir had turned himself in to police, claiming his identification documents had been stolen, and that he was not involved in the attack. The usual suspects have been rounded up, but it is not known if Sr Oukabir is one of those in custody.

ISIS (or IS or ISIL, whatever we're calling them today) has claimed responsibility for the Barcelona atrocity, saying in a statement on its Aamaq news agency that the attack was carried out by "soldiers of the Islamic State" in response to the Islamic extremist group's calls for followers to target countries participating in the coalition trying to drive it from Syria and Iraq.

1000s of Haïtians invade Canada as Trudeau government dithers

There's a story circulating on WhatsApp that Canada's Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship [Is that really his title? You must be making it up! Ed.] Ahmed Hussen [OK, I believe you. Ed.] is inviting people to make asylum claims. Didn't Justin "Junior" Trudeau himself say, following President Trump's inauguration, that all those who were fleeing Trumpian persecution in the USA were welcome to come to the Great White North?

The WhatsApp story is bogus, of course, just as bogus as the 1000s of refugee filed at ports of entry to Canada every year. But 1000s of the 70,000 or so Haïtians enjoying "temporary protection" in America believed it, and are now flocking to the world's longest undefended border in record numbers. Here we see a couple of Canadian Mounties helping some of the asylum-seekers with their garbage ["luggage" surely! Ed.] as they board buses for the gruelling ride to Montréal, where they will be accommodated at the Olympic Stadium (as well as hotels, convents and campgrounds) until they can be given free houses, free medical and dental care, free food, and so on, all courtesy of friendly Canuck taxpayers.

In a news conference held this morning, the RCMP (= Mounties) said that more than 3800 asylum-seekers crossed the border into Québec illegally in Quebec during the first two of August. This compares with just under 3000 who entered illegally at the same spot (near Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle QC) in the entire month of July. RCMP spokesthingy Claude Castonguay called the numbers "unprecedented.... Our officers are patrolling 24 hours day, all year long, and we have never seen such numbers coming in."

Since June 1st, more than 7000 people have entered Canada illegally. But, said the Mountie, "Our officers have to check the identification of each individual to ensure they do not represent a danger or a threat to the Canadian population. We can assure you that the only law they've broken is entering the country illegally." So that's all right then.

The Canadian government appears to have been caught flat-footed by the sudden influx of migrants looking for a better welfare system than they were enjoying in the USA. At a news conference this morning, the Hon. Marc Garneau, the federal Minister of Transport (= in charge of scheduling the buses) said they were surprised that the Haïtians had taken M Trudeau seriously. "No-one here does," he said. [Ed., I didn't have time to source this quote. Could you please check?]

Walt finds it interesting that the feds sent poor old Marc Garneau, a whitey, to face the press, along with Québec Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil, also white. Perhaps they thought that putting the responsible minister, Mr Hussen -- himself a non-white "refugee" and unable to speak French -- in front of the microphones would lead to accusations of some sort of bias in favour of non-white migrants, and perhaps even stoke the fires of Islamophobia. (Most Haïtians aren't Muslims. Their faith is in voodoo and Justin Trudeau.)

Also interesting was M Garneau's revelation, today, that the feds are taking steps to spread the burden of putting up (and putting up with) the "refugees" around. He announced that a new temporary intake centre will be set up in Cornwall ON, right in the heart of United Empire Loyalist country, where the black, French- or creole-speaking Haïtians are sure to receive a warm welcome. That area hasn't sent any Liberals to Parliament since Confederation, so now the Natural Governing Party will be able to say to the WASPs, "Don't say we never gave you anything." Ain't diversity grand?

Further reading
: "Canadians wary of Trudeau's mess", editorial in the Toronto Sun, 17/8/17. Spoiler alert: If those who disagree with Justin Trudeau on immigration are racists, then the majority of Canadians polled a couple of days ago by Ipsos/Global must be racists. Stats are in the article.

Further viewing: "'Canada is open!' comes back to bite Junior Trudeau", WWW 6/8/17. Contains VIDEO.

UPDATED: How do you say "Allahu akbar!" in Spanish?

One dead, dozens injured, after motor vehicle deliberately plows into crowd. Where? "Charlottesville, Virginia," you say? Well yeah, but also in Barcelona, Spain, just today. Since the American lamestream media are still fixated on the events in Charlottesville to the exclusion of everything else, Walt brings you the news of yet another "incident" of Islamic terrorism.

The casualty figures from Spain will undoubtedly climb. As of this afternoon (local time) Spanish police have confirmed just one death after a van slammed into pedestrians in Barcelona's historic Las Ramblas district. Citing local police forces, Spanish media said as many as 13 people could be dead. 10 of those counted as injured are presently said to be in serious condition.

UPDATED at noon: The death toll in the Islamic terrorist attack has now risen to 13.

Spanish government officials confirmed that the attack was "terror-related". For fear of provoking yet more Islamophobia, they did not mention what kind of terrorism is suspected. Walt wonders if, when the King Juan Carlos makes a public statement condemning the attack, he will call out the Muslim jihadis. If not, will he be criticized by his country's media for failing to name names? As they say in Spanish, JAJAJA!

The attackers themselves have not yet been apprehended. The newspaper El Pais reported that the perpetrators were holed up in a nearby bar. Inspector Don Quixote of the Catalonia constabulary would not confirm that report. Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish prime minister, tweeted that the priority was to attend to the injured.

While full details of the crash were not immediately clear, over the span of the last 13 months, vehicles have been used to ram into crowds in a series of Islamic terrorist attacks across Europe, killing well over 100 people in Nice, Berlin, London and Stockholm. Now Barcelona. Which European city will be next? Where do you live?!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

VIDEO: Bill Whittle talks about white privilege and black disadvantage

Just saw, and want to share with you, this video posted near the end of July by William Alfred "Bill" Whittle. Mr Whittle talks about what "white privilege" really means. Spoiler alert: it's not having anyone to blame your failings on. He also talks about "black disadvantage", or perhaps we should say the "disadvantage" that anyone of any colour who's lazy or stupid can say is the reason why they don't have a better job, a better house, no criminal record, yada yada yada. Running time 10:36.

Mr Whittle must be prescient, because, in this video (posted on July 28th) he offers some advice to the SJWs: Be careful about starting a fight with people who take the word "warrior" seriously.

If you'd like to see and read more commentary by Bill Whittle, check out his blog which (Bill sez) "offers something lacking in the mainstream media: common sense."

Black man asks for admission to Heaven

The weekend's protest (or riot or whatever) at Charlottesville VA got me to thinking about the South, as it was and as it is. I did spend a few days there, around the time of LBJ's Reconstruction 2.0, in the mid-60s. Here's a little joke that was going around then.

One day a young black man showed up at the gates of Heaven and was met by Saint Peter. "I'd like to be admitted to Heaven, sir," he said.
"Fine," said St Peter, " but first tell me what you've done lately which would give you the right to be admitted."
"Well", came the answer, "I marched from Selma to Montgomery in a civil rights march."
Said the gatekeeper, "A lot of people marched from Selma to Montgomery. Maybe there's something else?"
"Yes, I got married on the courthouse steps at Montgomery at noon."
"What's so unusual about that?"
"I married a white woman!"
St Peter's eyes widened. "What?! You married a white woman on the courthouse steps in Montgomery, Alabama, at twelve o'clock noon? When was that?!"
"Oh, about two minutes ago."