Saturday, July 22, 2017

VIDEO: "C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America" - the trailer

Without even opening our e-mailbox, Walt knows some of you will want to see C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America, the 2004 mockumentary by Kevin Willmott described in the previous post. Here's the trailer.

Had enough yet, snowflakes? If not, click here to see what some people think are the funniest parts of the movie.

Did you laugh in spite of yourself? Hey, maybe the creator was right. Maybe racism (or stereotypical thinking at least) is still alive and well in America. The SJWs can whine all they want, and the PC politicians can pass all the laws they want, but they can't legislate colour blindness. We are hard-wired to recognize racial differences and prefer to associate with our own kind. And that's a fact of life.

Further viewing: While we're on the subject of the Confederate States of America and the Glorious War of the Secession, check out "Five reasons not to ban the Confederate flag, from a Canadian immigrant", with our old friend Gavin McInnes.

VIDEO: Horrible, racist TV spot for "Darky Toothpaste"

Way back in January of 2012, Walt posted "Politically correct toothpaste makes your smile brighter", a quick history of the transformation of "Darkie Toothpaste" into "Darlie Toothpaste". Yes, there is such a product. You can still buy it in parts of Asia and in some dollar stores on this side of the Pacific, if you want to have a smile like unto that of a... errr... read the article.

Ed. has now stumbled upon this SPOOF TV commercial for "Darky Toothpaste", which some readers may find amusing. Others will surely find it offensive, but hey, snowflakes, it's not real! It's satire! I'll place it in context for you below the window.

The "Darky Toothpaste" spot was one of a series of blatantly racist commercials made for the fictional TV station "Channel Six" in the low-budget film C.S.A : The Confederate States of America.

The 2004 "mockumentary" was directed by Kevin Willmott, who drew his inspiration from Ken Burns' monumental PBS series The Civil War. It is an account of an alternate history wherein the Confederacy wins the American Civil War and establishes a Confederate States of America that incorporates the majority of the Western Hemisphere, including the former contiguous United States, the "Golden Circle", the Caribbean, and South America.

The film primarily details significant political and cultural events of Confederate history from its founding until the early 2000s. The director's intention, he said, was to satirize real-life issues and events, and to shed light on "the continuing existence of discrimination in American culture." C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America" was released on DVD in August of 2006. I'll post the trailer for you later today.

See you in September?

Summer is speeding by and Walt is planning his post-Labour Day travel schedule. I'm circling the calendar for a don't-miss event to be held in the nation's capital on September 9th, although I'm not sure the old Plymouth will make it all the way to Richmond. [Walt! Try to keep up. It's not Richmond any more. Ed.] Oh. I see. Well... Let's just look at the poster.

Yes, dear reader, Ron Paul is still preaching his message of conservatism and common sense. Amidst all the hoo-rah of the Trump presidency, there's still lots of interest in Mr Paul's foreign policy of non-intervention in the affairs of others, a strong defence of America and an end to the trillion-dollar military empire overseas. Readership at the Ron Paul Institute website is up and viewership of the Ron Paul Liberty Report continues to increase.

We live in a society of splendid isolation. Instead of going to church, joining service clubs, or gathering at the local watering hole to discuss the events of the day, people sit in front of their computers or thumbing their "devices" [??? Ed.], kidding themselves that they are connecting with others via the Internet. Walt has never done Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other anti-social media. I call them that because it seems most of the people posting on FB etc are so busy posting that they have no time to socialize with anyone in person. See Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community, by Robert D. Putnam (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2000). But I digress...

Yes... It's all very well to keep informed by reading Internet blogs and articles and watching videos, but we also need to meet in person -- face-to-face -- with other like-minded people. We need to hear from those who are out there in the front lines. Any true movement -- religious, political or otherwise -- is built on human contact and connections.

If you agree with all (or at least some) of the sentiments expressed by Ron Paul, or Yours Very Truly, you'll find hundreds of like-minded people at the Dulles Airport Marriott, just outside of Washington DC, this coming September 9th, as the Ron Paul Institute holds its second major foreign policy conference. At the rostrum will be Mr Paul, of course, plus Lew Rockwell, Daniel McAdams and other erudite and interesting speakers TBA.

The conference proper runs from 0930 to 1500, and a "whistleblowers' roundtable" will follow. What could that be? Be there to find out! Tickets are just $75, and are expected to sell out well in advance. The Marriott folks are offering a special rate to conference attenders. Click here for tickets and/or more information. You never know who you may see there!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Warning: these stories may trigger Islamophobia AND homophobia!

Here's a story, reported by Toronto CTV News, that the SJWs and PC politicians (Hello, Kathleen Wynne, Justin Trudeau and, yes, John Tory!) don't want to see splashed all over the media, because it will undoubtedly engender feelings of homophobia AND Islamophobia in some readers. But it's a true crime story, released by the Toronto coppers, so Walt can share it with you without fear of M-103 or any other anti-free speech laws.

Pictured at left is 27-year-old Ala Al Safi, aka Ala El Deen and... wait for it... Ala Mode. (Isn't that a cute alias?) Mr Al Safi is an Arab, a Muslim, and a practising homosexual pervert. And boy ["boy"? Ed.] does he practise! Toronto police alllege that he had intimate relationships with multiple men over the course of six (6) years, without telling any of them that he was HIV positive.

The coppers say Mr Al Safi was diagnosed with the disease in February of 2011. In July of the same year, he met a 24-year-old man through an online classified personal ad. The two allegedly began an intimate relationship, which they carried on for some time without the suspect disclosing his HIV+ status.

Fast forward to last December, when police say the same man met a 21-year-old man through an online dating website and the two began an intimate relationship. The victim told police that the suspect did not tell him about his HIV+ status.

[This is getting repetitious. Can we get to the charges? Ed.] OK, OK... Police say that eight more people -- eight different men ranging in age from 18 to 28 -- have come forward with allegations pertaining to the same, errr, man. [At least the victims weren't minors! Ed.] The homosexual encounters reported occurred as far back as December of 2011 and extended right through to March of this year. In none of the cases, police say, did the suspect tell his partners that he is infected with a disease which, if passed to them, will inevitably kill them.

Some legal beagles would say charges of attempted murder would be justified, but Mr Al Safi has been charged with eight additional counts of aggravated sexual assault. Why "additional"? Because he was previously charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault in April and June of this year.

The CTV News report does not mention Mr Al Saki's immigration/citizenship status in Canada. Nor does it make clear whether this despicable bugger is out on bail or safely behind bars where, as we all know, homosexual activity is strictly forbidden.

And here's another one that CTV News published, but, like the story above, was somehow missed by the government-controlled CBC.

Yesterday, also in Toronto, police announced an arrest following a complaint of a child reported being sexually assaulted at a TTC subway station. 41-year-old Chitranjan Boyal is facing three charges including sexual assault, sexual interference and failure to comply with probation. The mother of the victim -- a 7-year-old boy -- told police that they were on an escalator heading toward ground level at around 8 PM when a man approached her son from behind and sexually assaulted him. The cops had already received numerous calls about a man grabbing at children in "a sexual manner".

A police spokesthingy told the media, "The mom did everything right. She went up to the collector's booth, notified them, had them call 911, and she also had the time to pull out her cellphone and take a picture of the alleged suspect." Not wishing to fan the flames of homophobia or Islamophobia, the cops declined to release any information about the pedophile's nationality, ethnicity or religion. Thus we don't know what part of Ireland Chitranjan Boyal is from... but we can guess!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The sharing economy doesn't always work

Sharing jobs, sharing rides, sharing feelings, sharing sex partners, sharing space... Everything's about sharing, nowadays. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, as Chinese entrepreneur Zhao Shuping found out recently... the hard way!

The South China Morning Post reported recently that Mr Zhao's share-an-umbrella start-up, called... wait for it... Sharing E Umbrella, lost some 300,000 umbrellas (virtually its entire supply) within weeks of its April launch.

The way it was supposed to work was that when a deluge threatened, a pluviophobe would pay a small deposit (= $2.79) to unlock a code in the umbrella's handle. Patrons were expected to return the umbrellas when the clouds parted and the sun shone again. That's not how it turned out. Call it human nature, but most of the people who picked up umbrellas, errr, kept them.

Mr Zhao Shuping began Sharing E Umbrella after noticing the global success of bike-sharing programs. And since people always seem to be without an umbrella when a rainstorm strikes, he figured a similar model could work, so long as people put the umbrellas back once the weather cleared up. But, as the founder told the SCMP, "Umbrellas are different from bicycles. Bikes can be parked anywhere, but with an umbrella you need railings or a fence to hang it on."

So, Mr Zhao found himself the CEO of a $1.5-million charity that mostly handed out free umbrellas to people in need, who simply kept the umbrellas for themselves. Sharing E Umbrella has no way to track where each umbrella went.

Chinese companies have run into challenges with the sharing models before. In June, Wukong Bicycles, a bike-sharing scheme, was forced to close down because 90% of its bikes went missing. Like Sharing E Umbrella, the company had no way to track the bikes' location. "The startup is closed now," said Wukong's founder, Lei Houyi. "I'll think of it as a charity project."

Unlike Mr Lei, Mr Zhao isn't about to give up. He plans to release an additional 30 million umbrellas by the end of the year. And he's working on figuring out a way to add a GPS into the umbrella rental process so he locate his umbrellas... come rain or shine.

VIDEO: Inch by inch, our enemies take over the civilized world

Mark Steyn again. Ed. found this while getting the embed code for the video we posted a few minutes ago. This is just under 11 minutes, and is an excerpt from Mr Steyn's speech to a conference of The Free Press Society on the topic of the infamous cartoons of the prophet Mohammed. We lose, Mr Steyn says, by surrendering our liberties one by one, inch by inch.

VIDEO: Mark Steyn on the looming extinction of the white race

You learn something every day. Today, I learned from Mark Steyn that five out of six European prime ministers have no children. Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May... all childless. Leo Paradkar, the new Taoiseach (= prime minister) of Eire, not only is not ethnically Irish, but has no children. Being gay probably has something to do with his lack of progeny.

The childlessness of Europe's leaders is a metaphor for the continent as a whole. And, as Mark Steyn explains in this video, that's a problem. In fact, he contends, demographics -- the imminent extinction of the white race -- is the biggest problem confronting Europe and the world today. That was the thesis of Mr Steyn's 2006 bestseller America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It. See "Muslim journalist admits Mark Steyn was right", WWW 22/6/16. And watch this video.

Almost the entire developed world is mired in deathbed demography from which no functioning society has ever recovered. If white people do not start marrying and procreating -- or at least procreating -- again, soon, our parts of the globe will be overrun by... errr... non-white people. It's already happening! It's not just that Middle Eastern and African Muslims are arriving in Europe by the boatload -- 1000s of "refugees" every day -- but that once landed they breed like rabbits! The average Muslim family has two parents and five kids. The average "Christian" family, about one-and-a-half parents (lots of single moms out there) and slightly over one child.

As Mr Steyn suggests, the math is against us. White folk! Your duty is clear! Get at it!!!