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Following up on the Abdis: Said who?

Not long after we posted the story about the two Abdis -- Somali Muslim "refugees" biting the Canadian hands that welcomed them -- Agent 3 sent us this photo of a young man wanted by Toronto cops on a Canada-wide warrant.

Ubaid Said, age 21, of Toronto (maybe), is wanted connection with the deaths of Nasurdin Nasir, 26, and Terrell Carr, 24 last week in the same part of the so-called Greater Toronto Area where Adam Abdi went on a shooting spree -- make that "sprees" -- earlier this month. Mr Said is wanted on two counts of second degree murder and two counts of attempted murder, according to Toronto police.

Although they provided this photo, they declined to say anything about Mr Said's ethnicity, religion, or status in Canada. Agent 3 thinks it's not impossible that Mr Said, as well as one of his victims, might be a "refugee" from the shithole named in our earlier post.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mr Said is asked to contact Canadian Border Services so they can help him with application for permanent resident status.

Two "Abdi" stories from the Great No-longer-white North

What (I hear you ask) is an "Abdi"? Here's a definition from the Urban Dictionary: Name, used excessively by Somalians. Usually with an add-on. Also taken on by Afro-Americans.
Immigration: So what are your boys' names?
Father: Abdikerim, Abdikhalif, Abdisalaam, abdi-abdi, Abdi-A, O.G. Abdi, and The Original Abdi.
Immigration: That's a lot of Abdis.
Father: Yes.
Immigration: I take it you're Somali?
Father: How did you know?

Ah yes, Somali. From Somalia. If ever a country deserved to be called a "shithole", it would be Somalia. No wonder hundreds of thousands of Somalis are migrating to Europe and North America, where they holler "Refugee! Refugee!" and immediately become taxi drivers. Well, OK, maybe that's just in Minneapolis. Anyway, here are true stories about two Abdis who have been mentioned this week in dispatches from north of the World's Longest Undefended Border. [Any word on when the Canucks are going to build a wall? Ed.]

This is Abdoul Abdi, a 23-year-old former refugee from Somalia who the Canuckistan government has been trying for some time to deport. He came to Nova Scotia at the tender age of six, along with his sister and his aunties -- chain immigration personified -- but, since his relatives proved unable or unwilling to look after him or his sister, both kids were taken into care by the province almost immediately upon landing. Since then, he has been shuffled between foster homes and a number of correctional institutions. Nova Scotia's Department of Community Services never applied for him to become a Canadian citizen, and he now faces possible deportation because of his criminal past.

Mr Abdi was recently released from prison after doing time as Her Majesty's guest for charges including aggravated assault. He was "gated" -- taken back into custody -- by the Canadian Border Services Agency immediately upon his release. The usual gang of snowflakes and SJWs are petitioning for his release. "I don't think it's right," his older sister Fatouma Abdi told the meeja. "The government didn't get us our Canadian citizenship and now they're trying to give my brother a death sentence. If he goes back home, he will get killed." Wouldn't that be too bad.

And here's Adam Abdi -- no relation to Abdoul, or at least none that "authorities" in Toronto are prepared to talk about. They are similarly reluctant to disclose his country of origin, status in Canada, or religion. (Hint: He's a Muslim "refugee" from Somalia.) All they will say is that he's a 20-year-old resident of the ghetto that is Brampton ON, and was arrested yesterday after a series of senseless shootings in northwest Toronto.

This Mr Abdi now faces 48 charges in connection with five separate shootings in the city over the past month. Inspector Knacker said the first shooting occurred at around 4 PM on January 9th. A 19-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl were standing in the hallway of a building when police say a man armed with a gun approached the building from outside and started shooting. The male victim sustained a non-life-threatening wound; the girl was not injured.

A week later, another shooting was reported at mid-afternoon in a nearby 'hood. A 47-year-old man was standing outside a building when a man with a gun approached him and shot him. On January 20th, in the same area, a 20-year-old man was walking around about 4:30 PM when a man got out of a vehicle and opened fire.

The next day, again in the same area, a man and a four-year-old girl were sitting in a parked car at around 3:30 PM when an armed suspect began to shoot at them. The man and the girl were not injured. Just hours later, police say the suspect struck again, shooting at a 19-year-old man walking in a neighbourhood a couple of miles to the northwest. The cops say the suspect was in a vehicle when he stopped beside the man walking along the street and rolled down his window. They say he then produced a gun and began shooting at the other man before fleeing the scene.

Toronto police allege that the man they arrested yesterday, identified as Adam Abdi, was responsible for all five shootings. He is facing numerous charges, including seven counts of attempted murder, five counts of possessing a restricted or prohibited firearm, and five counts of discharging a firearm with intent to wound, endanger life, or prevent arrest. What was Mr Abdi's motive for this extended shooting spree? The police say they have no idea.

An even better question, IMHO, is whether either Abdi will ever be deported, or whether they will remain in Canada for the rest of their miserable lives, alternating between incarceration and terrorizing Canadian citizens. Any read who thinks either one will be deported is invited to send a dollar -- Canadian or American -- to Walt at the usual address. If you're right, I'll send you a hundred bucks. Good luck!

Further reading on WWW: "Brampton a ghetto? How can they say that?", 13/6/16; "Why no-one wants to take in Somali 'refugees'", 16/10/17.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Schumer shutdown is about immigration; whose side are you on?

Note from Ed.: You know Walt was just kidding, yesterday, about WWW being a service of the US government. Walt [and Ed. Ed. ... oh ... this is my note already...] is fiercely independent of the government of any country anywhere. Moreover, although we recently started to allow advertising, which is placed by Google by the way, not by us, we're not in this for the money. We have yet to earn dollar one from over eight years of toil. [Get on with it! Walt] My point is that yesterday's post was meant to draw attention to the Schumer shutdown, about which Walt has something to say.

The shutdown of non-essential services resulting from the failure of Congress to agree on the temporary spending bill necessary to keep the government running and its snivel servants paid. The Democrats, led by Senate Minority Leader "Chuck" Schumer, refused to pass the bill (which had already cleared the House of Representatives) because it didn't include any measures to grant amnesty or otherwise protect the hundreds of thousands of DREAMers and others who are living in the USA without legal status as a result of the Obama DACA scheme.

The Democrats point the finger of blame in the other direction, saying the shutdown is President Trump's fault because he would not include in the temporary spending bill any measures to grant amnesty... Wait a minute! Isn't that the same thing? Why so it is. This fuss is all because the Democrats want all those "irregular", "undocumented" and just plain illegal immigrants who took advantage of American soft-heartedness (and soft-headedness) to stay here. Hey, they're all potential Democratic voters, if only their status can be "regularized".

So the fundamental issue here is immigration. President Trump wants to stop illegal immigration, and the Democrats want to keep the borders open and give a "path to citizenship" to anyone and everyone who can sneak in, regardless of their character or suitability for assimilation into American society. Donald Trump was elected President to close the porous border, to build the wall and keep American families safe from evil, illegal immigrants. Yet, one year after his Inauguration, Chuck Schumer and the Democrats continue to put the interests of illegal immigrants over those of Americans.

Here's a new campaign ad, released this weekend, which argues that Democrats are "complicit" in the murders and other violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants, as long as they continue to block funding for a wall along the US-Mexico border and hold up negotiations on pro-American immigration reforms. Give a listen.

Another note from Ed.:
The inclusion of this message in this post was not paid for by anybody. Walt has received no consideration for today's post. [What an understatement that is! Walt] Walt nevertheless endorses this message!

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Walt Whiteman's World is a service of the United States Misinformation Agency. Owing to the failure of Congress to reach an agreement on the temporary spending bill, this non-essential service is temporarily suspended.

Readers are invited to send questions and comments to the person responsible for the shutdown of government services, Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY). His address is: 322 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington DC 20510. His telephone number is: (202) 224-6542. According to his web page, "Chuck would like to hear your thoughts, opinions and concerns on the issues." Click here to send him e-mail. Tell him what you think!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

German pro-migrant politicos cringe as Afghan asylum-seeker charged with brutal rape-murder

This is Maria Ladenburger -- the late Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of Dr Clemens Ladenburger, a German lawyers who works as an assistant to the legal director of the European Commission. Fräulein Ladenburger, who lived in Freiburg, Germany, was the victim of a brutal rape and murder. She was 19 years old.

A spokesthingy for the local police told a press conference last month that the pretty medical student had been at a party in October. She left around 0237 to cycle home, when she became "the victim of a sexual offence and a violent crime." She was raped and then drowned in the River Dreisam, where her body was found on 16 October 2017. Her black scarf was discovered on the riverbank, and a single strand of dark hair that had been partially dyed blonde was found in a blackberry bush.

DNA from the hair and the scarf were run through the police criminal database, but no matches were found. Detectives then turned to CCTV footage in the town and the surrounding area where the young woman was found. Video footage taken on a local streetcar showed a young man who had what police said was "a very conspicuous hairstyle, an undercut hairstyle", with a portion of his long hair dyed blonde. They arrested a teenage asylum-seeker whose DNA matched that found at the crime scene.

Fräulein Ladenburger volunteered at a home for "refugees" in her spare time, but it is unclear whether she ever met her murderer before he took her life. The German public prosecutor handling the case said the suspect, who had been taken in by a local family who believed in Angela Merkel's "Willkommenskultur", confessed to the murder.

Police are now trying to establish if he may be responsible for the death of another girl in the area. Carolin G., 27, was raped and murdered at the beginning of November while jogging in Endinge, just 18 miles away from Freiburg. Connecting the unnamed yoof with that crime will be difficult, as detectives found no DNA evidence at that crime scene.

Interest in this story has been revived this month as Chancellor (pro tem) Merkel struggles to put together a coalition government, after the rising tide of anger at her open-door refugee policy resulted in huge gains in last September's election for the anti-immigrant Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) party and a drastically reduced minority for Frau Merkel's Christian Democratic Union.

Other parties, including the CDU's erstwhile ally, the CSU, are demanding drastic changes to Germany's immigration policy. One of the major issues which they seem unable to resolve is the suspension of the policy of reunifying refugee families. The person who killed Fraülein Landenburger was one of 1000s of young Muslim men from the shithole countries of the Middle East and North Africa who came to Germany as unaccompanied minors. Crime among such young men has spiked as the tidal wave of "refugees" washed over Europe.

Now leading criminologists commissioned by Frau Merkel's government have produced a study arguing that family reunification would be an effective method to counteract crime among young migrants. The solution, then, is to bring in their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins -- millions more unassimilable Muslims to be welcomed into das Vaterland. Reaction to the plan, even within Frau Merkel's own CDU, has been distinctly cool.

The truth about "shithole" countries, from a resident

In "POTUS' 'shithole' comment begs the question the liberals don't want asked... because they have no answer!" (WWW 12/1/18 -- includes VIDEO), Walt commented on President Trump's suggestion, in a meeting on the subject of immigration, that some of the source countries for immigration to the USA -- countries like Haiti, whole continents like Africa -- are "shitholes". At the end of the piece, I identified Zimbabwe (having lived there) as a country that fits the definition. My old friend Dr CZ is still there, pounding the keyboard for the Financial Gazette. Here (with asterisks replaced by the intended letters) is what he had to say about POTUS' remark in his blog today.

President Donald Trump touched off a storm when he was quoted describing some countries in this world — more specifically African, Central America and Carribean — as shithole countries. His remarks naturally drew the ire and opprobrium of a number of these countries, with some of them almost threatening to commit suicide over the slur. Even the United Nations, which is supposed to be a busy organisation, found itself joining the redundant African Union in condemning Trump for merely stating what otherwise is as plain as a nose on one's face.

The fact that Trump used unhygienic language does not take away the point that the brother was trying to drive home. The countries that Trump was referring to are those that fit the following bill:

These are countries that are worse than not countries at all. You see, he was talking of countries where leaders — rulers actually — think of elections always, not the welfare of the people they purport to lead to the point of splashing millions of dollars on purchasing votes when basics like medical facilities in those countries are as good as non-existent. Gross irresponsibility like buying chiefs luxury cars when hospitals have no ambulances, and clinics have no basic pain killers.

These are countries in which politicians seek to come into office for their own sake, not to serve anyone, but themselves and themselves alone.

In these countries, elections are not held for any purpose other than to give a veneer of legitimacy to a conspiracy of "criminals".

In these countries, the people who purportedly choose leaders become subservient to these leaders, not the normal other way round. As soon as these sham elections are over, the people have to immediately be scared stiff of the very same people they would have hired to serve them.

Most of these countries are endowed with vast natural resources, but they are grievously poor because these resources are private property of the ruling political elite and their hangers-on. Despite their poverty, these are countries that have the largest cabinets and administrations in order to accommodate relatives and friends.

These are countries in which there are people who are employed — and also employ themselves — exclusively to get angry on the behalf of the (mis)leaders. Arse-licking is a national ritual that everyone, who thinks they are something, have to perform publicly without shame.

Those who purport to be leaders of these countries effectively confirm that their countries are indeed shithole nations by preferring everything foreign. From medical treatment, to education for themselves and their children, to their sartorial needs, to bank pigeonholes to stash their loot, to anything one can ever imagine. It has to come from abroad because they know that anything that their filthy paws touch in their resident country is contaminated.

Citizens of shithole countries usually confirm the status of their nations by fleeing from them in droves, some having as high as a third of their citizens leaving! There is no better way of confirming this status than this.

It is, therefore, surprising that there are some countries that were quick to protest when Trump made his remarks instead of focussing on the substance of the point that he was driving home.

Canadian Islamophiles plan National Hug-a-Muslim Day

The timing of hijab hoax girl's bathetic [There is such a word.* Ed.] little stunt last Friday seems to have been a little off, as it has cast something of a cloud over plans for a "National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia", to be held across Canuckistan on January 29th.

That's right, folks. Canadian Islamists (read: the National Council of Canadian Muslims), aided and abetted by well-meaning politicians and friends like (((Shari Schwartz-Maltz))) in government, the (((controlled media))) and the human rights industry, intended to cap off "Islamic Heritage Month" (read: hug-a-Muslim month) with a day of action in Ottawa and Toronto to "memorialize Islamophobia".

January 29th is the first anniversary of an attack on a Québec City mosque that left six dead and several others injured. This is what the NCCM wants "memorialized", while certain other events, like the October 2014 killings of two Canadian soldiers -- Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent -- by two "radicalized Muslims" or "homegrown jihadis", are forgotten.

In "Canadians don't need a 'National Day' scolding us for being Islamophobic", (National Post, 17/1/18), Barbara Kay writes, "We deplore the horrific Quebec City mosque murders. Nevertheless, an annual day of national atonement sends the wrong message." She points out that Alexandre Bissonnette, the alleged perpetrator, had no known ties to violence-promoting groups, nor was he ever charged with terrorism. His motive remains unclear to this day. But, Ms Kay argues "an official Day of Remembrance focused on Muslim victimhood would receive funding to perpetuate in schools and other institutions the notion that Muslims are systemically targeted for hatred."

And that, dear readers, is the whole point of the hijab hoax girl's publicity stunt and the NCCM proposal. Ms Kay reminds us that the NCCM pushed for the inclusion in the Toronto District School Board [Again with the TDSB! Ed.] guidebook to Islamic Heritage Month of this definition of Islamophobia: "Islamophobia refers to fear, prejudice, hatred or dislike directed against Islam or Muslims, or towards Islamic politics or culture." Once the telling phrase "Islamic politics or culture" came to public attention, attracting forceful criticism that embarrassed the TDSB (Hello again, Shari Schwartz-Maltz!), the definition was narrowed.

Does the NCCM really want to talk about Islamic culture -- the culture that includes honour killings like those of Aqsa Parvez and four female members of the Shafia family? How about we have a memorial day for those victims of Islamic culture?

The highlight of National Be Nice to Muslims Day is supposed to be the tabling in Canada's House of Commons of the Standing Committee on Heritage report on Motion M-103. M-103 isn't a law and never will be. It's only a motion. Here, copied from the web page of Iqra Khalid, MP (and a Muslim, in case you didn't guess), is the text of the motion.

M103 - Systemic racism and religious discrimination
That, in the opinion of the House, the government should: (a) recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear; (b) condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination and take note of House of Commons’ petition e-411 and the issues raised by it; and (c) request that the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage undertake a study on how the government could (i) develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia, in Canada, while ensuring a community-centered focus with a holistic response through evidence-based policy-making, (ii) collect data to contextualize hate crime reports and to conduct needs assessments for impacted communities, and that the Committee should present its findings and recommendations to the House no later than 240 calendar days from the adoption of this motion, provided that in its report, the Committee should make recommendations that the government may use to better reflect the enshrined rights and freedoms in the Constitution Acts, including the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Buried in all that jargon and verbiage is some pretty dangerous stuff, e.g. "collect data to contextualize hate crime reports". How would such data be collected? Why, through "social media surveillance", of course! Canucks, better watch what you write on FB or in the comments section of news websites -- the few that still allow commenting... sometimes... as long as you don't offend Muslims. And how about "conduct needs assessments for impacted communities"? Don't be surprised if the "impacted community" (read: Muslims) needs money for its mosques and schools where young Canadians can be taught how barbaric cultural practices like female genital mutilation, honour crimes and the killing of infidels are all right and good for followers of the Religion of Peace.

The most objectionable feature, though, of M-103 is its singling out of the Muslim community as the one minority group most in need of protection from "system racism" and "Islamophobia". What about the (((Jews))), asks Barbara Kay. What about indigenous peoples, especially indigenous women who keep being found dead along roadsides and river banks? What about the "black community"? Never mind BLM; don't all lives matter? Errr, no, not according to M-103 -- just the lives of Muslims.

Even though it has not yet been officially approved by Canada's Parliament, M-103 is already being used as the basis for self-censorship remarkable even for the politically correct Canuck lamestream media. Some people have asked by the CBC and other major networks didn't call BS on the hijab hoax even as the girl was speaking at the TDSB-arranged presser. The answer is simple. No-one wanted to be the first to cast doubt on the story told by a young, female member of the oppressed Muslim minority. Even the Toronto police were guarded in describing the false report, saying only that "it didn't happen."

Contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, M-103 is already being used to curtail freedom of speech. The term "Islamophobia", with its multiple and sinister meanings is, in itself, an example of "fake news", and should not be recognized as a "thing"... because it isn't! To state that there is systemic hatred and racial discrimination in Canada, is bogus and to single out one religious group for special treatment is divisive. If there's going to be some sort of "day of action" in the Great No-longer-white North on January 29th, Walt suggests something along the lines of the demonstration pictured here.

Canadians! Stand up for free speech! Write or e-mail your Member of Parliament! (Click here to find out who's supposed to be representing you.) Or e-mail Justin Trudeau Himself. Tell them what you think... while you still can!