Thursday, September 21, 2017

Parsons Green suspects arrested at "halfway house" for asylum-seekers

Time for a further update on the Parsons Green Islamic terror attack. British police today announced the sixth arrest in the course of their Parsons Green bombing investigation, with a 17-year-old Muslim taken into custody in the Thornton Heath district of south London.

He had his collar felt (Americans please read: was detained) pursuant to Section 41 of the Terrorism Act. Forensics experts were busy today scouring a three-storey house in the suburb, which neighbours say houses asylum-seekers being "dealt with" by the Home Office.

The online edition of the Daily Mail reports that three men aged 25, 30 and 48 were apprehended by Inspector Knacker while staying at a half-way house for refugees in South Wales. A 21-year-old, named in some reports a Yahyah Farroukh, a Muslim "refugee" from Syria, was arrested in West London.

The first man arrested was an 18-year-old Iraqi who is thought to have been referred to a deradicalization programme before the attack. Those who've been paying attention should remember that President Trump said the attack was perpetrated by people who were "within sight of Scotland Yard". For that, he was castigated by British Prime Minister Theresa May for "speculating" about something which was still under investigation. Turns out Mr Trump was right. Walt speculates (!) that he had inside information which wasn't given to Mrs May!

Meanwhile, an Iraqi painter-decorator who was first in the latest wave of arrests by anti-terror police investigating the Parsons Green tube bombing has been pictured for the first time. Mahdi Ramadi, known as Bilal, has been named locally as one of the three men detained in Wales. Witnesses said he smiled when police moved in to arrest him.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

All illegal aliens to be deported, government says

Hahahaha, you didn't think Walt was talking about any of the ABC countries (America, Britain, Canada), did you? Such a sensible policy would never receive even a minute's thought from the Islamophiliac (= opposite of Islamophobic) leaders of the UK and Canada. President Trump probably has something like that in mind, but can't get the co-operation of the refugee-huggers and SJWs in Congress and the lamestream media.

The "government" which actually has the cojones to deport illegal aliens (forcibly, if necessary) is that of the "Zionist entity" -- Israel! The Israeli Justice Minister announced at the end of August that his country will shortly be introducing a law which will forcibly deport all non-Jewish illegal aliens, including so-called asylum seekers. This follows a ruling from the Israeli Supreme Court which approved Israel's current deportation program, but limited it to those "volunteering" to leave the Jewish ethno-state.

The Times of Israel quoted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as telling his cabinet the tens of thousands of Africans who are living in Israel illegally "aren’t refugees, or at least most of them aren't. Most of them are looking for jobs." A week earlier, Mr Netanyahu announced the establishment of a ministerial committee to deal with the influx of largely Sudanese and Eritrean migrants to Israel in recent years, vowing to "remove [the] illegal aliens who don’t belong here."

The prime minister's remarks come on the heels of a Supreme Court ruling that said the government could continue its controversial practice of deporting undocumented migrants to an unnamed third country, but also said it could no longer jail for more than 60 days those who refuse to leave. Israel has for several years been pressuring migrants to relocate to Uganda and Rwanda, through incarceration in detention facilities and the promise of financial incentives. Following the ruling, Israeli officials said they would amend the law so that migrants could be deported without their consent as well.

The Supreme Court ruling, which would effectively hobble the deportation program, was met with outrage by many lawmakers and residents of south Tel Aviv, an area that has seen a large influx of illegal African migrants in recent years. Many local residents have protested the so-called asylum-seekers, who they claim engage in crime and have overrun their neighbourhood. Hundreds of residents protested outside the home of Supreme Court President Miriam Naor, demanding "human rights for citizens too." Now there's a slogan which fed-up Brits, Canucks and Merkans could well to adopt!

UPDATED: Latest stats from Parsons Green Islamic terrorist bombing

Here, in its entirety, is the latest update from AP on the attempt by radical Islamic terrorists to cause a catastrophic explosion on the London Underground at Parsons Green station.

British police have arrested a third suspect in connection with the bomb that partially exploded on a London subway last week. Police said they arrested a 25-year-old man in Wales on Tuesday evening under the Terrorism Act. They say a property in Newport, Wales, was being searched.

Two other men arrested over the weekend -- an 18-year-old refugee from Iraq and a 21-year-old from Syria -- remain in custody. Neither has been charged. The partially exploded bomb injured 30 people when it detonated inside a crowded subway car on Friday.

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants have claimed responsibility.

Apart from the references to the country of origin of the first two suspects (reported here on WWW before it was acknowledged by the police or UK government), there is no reference to the ethnicity (Arab) or religion (Islam) of any of the "usual suspects" so far rounded up by Inspector Knacker.

Also missing from the AP report is confirmation that the number of jihadists in detention is actually five -- this according to CBC Radio this morning. UPDATE added at 0750. AP has now included in its bulletin the arrests under the Terrorism Act of a 48-year-old man and a 30-year-old man under the Terrorism Act in Newport, Wales. As usual, nothing about the ethnicity or religion or immigration status of those arrested.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines of the UN meeting in New York today, British Prime Minister Theresa May is having a meeting today with senior executives from Google, Facebook and Microsoft, alongside her French and Italian counterparts, Emmanuel Macron and Paul Gentiloni. Why? To urge the giant internet companies to take down "extremist content" within two hours, so as not to aid "extremists" in spreading their propaganda.

Walt wonders which "extremists" Mrs May has in mind. She's the world leader (NOT) who told President Trump that he shouldn't "speculate" about the Parsons Green bombers' identities and motives. Her request to Google et alii to monitor and delete "extremist content" sounds to me like yet another politically correct attack on freedom of speech. That kind of censorship could easily be applied not just to Islamist websites, but to such moderate and helpful online publications as... errr... Walt Whiteman's World!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Number of illegals crossing into Canada just keeps growing

A couple of weeks ago Canada's Somali-born, Muslim Minister of Refugees, Immigration and Political Correctness assured worried Canuck taxpayers that the flood of "refugees" and asylum-seekers breaking across the US-Canada (See "1000s of Haïtians invade Canada as Trudeau government dithers", WWW 17/8/17) had slowed to a trickle. As surely as the sun rises in the east, statistics released today by his own department show the number of asylum seekers arriving at the Canada-US border increased by 82% in August, compared with July.

The latest data shows 5712 mostly non-white people intercepted (but not turned back) by the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen [Mounties, surely! Ed.] in August, up from 3134 in July. More than 5550 of what the Liberal government calls "encounters" were in Québec, near the official border crossing point at Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle. British Columbia also registered a small surge, with numbers there doubling from 51 people stopped in July (and then put on a bus to the welfare office) to 102 in August.

The figures released today show the problem is chiefly at land crossings along the world's longest undefended border. (And trust me, "undefended" is the key word there.) The number of asylum-seekers intercepted at airports has been steady at about 275 per month all year.

In total, 13,211 people have been intercepted by the RCMP in between official points of entry since the start of the year. The vast majority of them came to Canada in search of asylum from the evil racist regime of Donald Trump. At least, that's what they tell the Mounties while their luggage is being loaded onto the hotel shuttle. But the latest stats show that the number of actual asylum claims lodged once the border-jumpers get their welfare cheques is considerably smaller than the number of those stopped.

Meanwhile, the anti-refugee, anti-immigrant backlash continues to grow proportionately. The majority of Canadians, including immigrants who went through the proper channels to get into the Great Not-so-white North, is fed up. Will Junior and his diverse band of merry cisgendered acolytes pay any attention to the latest public opinion polls? Walt doubts it. Lifetime pct .978.

Further reading: "Canada braces for tsunami of DREAMers", WWW 5/9/17.

Monday, September 18, 2017

VIDEO: Scott Adams talks about "How to Fail at Almost Everything..."

Scott Adams' new book How to Win Bigly, is available for pre-order. Walt predicts it will be a best-seller, if for no other reason than 1000s of people noticed, during the 2016 election campaign, that Mr Adams understood better than almost any other political analyst why Donald Trump was going to be the 45th president of the Excited States of America.

He talks about his previous book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life (Penguin Portfolio 2013), and President Trump's "talent stack" and the art of persuasion in this interview with Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institute, recorded last July 12th. Running time: 43:32.

: For those who haven't heard of Scott Adams -- it's theoretically possible, right? -- he is the creator behind the Dilbert comic strip, which I read every day because it reflects the world as I understand it. I have to say, though, that it's gotten a bit lame since Dilbert, Wally and the Pointy-haired Boss stopped wearing collars and ties.

Suspicions confirmed: Parsons green suspects are Muslim migrants

Yesterday, in "UK cops arrest two in terrorist bombing, won't name names", Walt called attention to the British government's policy of not identifying terrorism suspects for fear of provoking -- or confirming -- Islamophobia. This refusal has been maintained in every one of the five terrorist "incidents" which have hit the UK this year, even though scores have been killed and hundreds injured. Yet the "authorities", from Prime Minister Theresa May on down, won't call out the Mohammeds by name until friends and neighbours give the game away.

Since the identities of the two suspects being held by Inspector Knacker have leaked out, the BBC (the Voice of the British state) now has little choice but to publish what has become general knowledge. They tell us, so quietly that they're almost whispering, the 21-year-old, arrested on Saturday in Hounslow (in west London) is "believed" to be Syrian-born Yahyah Farroukh. And, they say, the 18-year-old detained at Dover port is an Iraqi orphan who moved to the UK when he was 15, this according to local council leader Ian Harvey.

Both of the suspects are Arabs, asylum-seekers, and followers of the Prophet. Of course neither has been charged, let alone convicted, so Walt won't adjust his lifetime pct average yet. But anyone wishing to bet the other way is welcome to send a cheque to the usual address. Walt will pay 100 to 1 if my suspicions turn out to be unfounded.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

TN university prez apologizes for racist home decor

Randy Lowry, President of Lipscomb University, a private Christian college in Nashville TN, has made a fulsome public apology after decorations in his home were deemed racist by a handful of snowflakes. Mr Lowry had been hosting some black students in his home, and had decorated his house with centerpieces featuring... wait for it... stalks of cotton.

In an e-mail sent to the school Friday and posted on Facebook, Mr Lowry wrote, "The content of the centerpieces was offensive, and I could have handled the situation with more sensitivity. I sincerely apologize for the discomfort, anger or disappointment we caused and solicit your forgiveness." He ended the e-mail by saying he welcomes the opportunity to "continue this conversation." Well, at least he didn't use the phrase "teachable moment"!