Saturday, February 24, 2018

Italian top court OKs Fascist salute as right-wing coalition heads for election victory

As Italy gets ready for its first general election in five years, the New York Times has its hair on fire over the growing popularity of "right-wing" political parties. You already know, don't you, what epithet they're hurling at groups like the Brothers of Italy. That's right. They're using the F-word -- Fascists! In "Anti-Fascist Protesters Rally in Italy as Mussolini’s Heirs Gain Ground" (24/2/48) one terrified scribe writes, "The re-emergence of extremist violence, harassment and xenophobia has gripped Italy and forced the country to reckon with the hard-right and fascist ideologies fueled by a lingering financial crisis and migration."

"Fueled by migration"... Imagine that! As if Italians would be different from the Austrians, Hungarians, Poles, Germans and other Europeans who reject the "suicide by diversity" of the Christian West espoused by such misguided "leaders" as Angela Merkel, who is, until next month at least, still the Chancellor Germany. Italians are just as fed up as the rest with having to welcome, feed, clothe and house the masses of mainly Muslim migrants being fished out of the Mediterranean every week.

Those are the same "refugees" who bite the hands that feed them, going on orgies of robbery, rape and general mayhem. It is only natural that there should be an awakening of the xenophobia which is part of human nature. And it is only natural that those feelings should find expression in what the Times calls "extremist violence, harassment and xenophobia".

As the elections approach, politically inspired violence has become an almost daily occurrence. Earlier this month, in the city of Macerata, a "fascist extremist" (the Times again) carrying a candle with an image of Mussolini opened fire on African migrants, wounding at least six people before he was arrested. Interior Minister Marco Minniti described the shootings as an "evident display of racial hatred."

Earlier this week, Italy's supreme Court of Cassation ruled that giving a Fascist salute is OK. Provided it's "commemorative" and non-violent, the straight-arm salute popularized by Mussolini is considered a free expression of thought, the court said, acquitting two Brothers of Italy (FdI) supporters who gave the salute in Milan in 2014. They had been charged under a law including such salutes as "complicity in Fascist demonstrations", which are prohibited by a postwar law banning the "apology of Fascism".

Forza Nuova, an Italian party which marches with that salute, has repeatedly clashed with the police and masked and violent antifa protesters. Members of CasaPound, a political party that proudly claims to admire Mussolini, recently invaded the emergency area of a hospital in Bolzano to protest against homeless "refugees" taking refuge there overnight.

As anti-immigrant backlash intensifies and the antifa-fomented violence worsens, the "progressives" are pointing the finger of blame at Matteo Salvini, the secretary of the League party, and Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the Brothers of Italy, the modern heirs of the party that rose from the ashes of Mussolini’s Fascists. For the coming elections, Mr Salvini and Ms Meloni have joined forces with former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. As of this writing, their coalition is leading in the polls. Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

VIDEO: Please help find a cure for little Justin's problem

I know, I know... WWW has had a lot of stuff about Canadian politics lately. Like there's nothing going on in American politics? Like anybody cares about Canada? Really though, things are heating up in the Great No-longer-white North. Canucks are fed up, not just with winter but with their Liberal leaders in both Ottawa (the country's capital) and Toronto (the city that thinks it's the country's capital... or maybe the country itself, since TROC doesn't matter.)

In Ontario, a provincial election is due in June. In anticipation thereof, the province's oxymoronic Progressive Conservatives have fallen into their traditional trap of forming a circular firing squad. There is now a fifth candidate in their unexpected leadership contest (see previous posts on Tanya Granic Allen), none other than Patrick Brown, who just got turfed out of the leadership, a victim of #MeToo, but has now been okayed to throw his batter chapeau back in the ring.

Meanwhile, alleged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been touring India, with his ultra-photogenic family in tow, all decked out in native costumes which the Indian meeja say are waaay over the top -- too Indian even for Indians. See "Trudeau family criticized for overdoing it on their traditional Indian outfits" (Global News, 21/2/18) and try not to gag at the pix of a white man gone native.

Worse for Hairboy are the stories, which contain more than a grain of truth, that he is sympathetic to Sikh separatists who are fighting to turn the Punjab into an independent homeland, which they call "Kalistan". Thanks to Trudeaus I and II, there are hundreds of thousands of Sikhs in Canada, huddled together in the suburbs of Toronto and Vancouver, from which they send lakhs of rupees back to India to fund the separatist cause.

They also turn out reliably to vote Liberal. There are four of them in Junior's cabinet, all of whom accompanied him on his visit to their Golden Temple at Amritsar. Another one, Jaspal Singh Atwal, has joined the group and was invited to a reception to be held by the Canadian High Commissioner to India, my good Mister Patel. One of Walt's favourite pundits, Terry Milewski, revealed yesterday that Mr Atwal was convicted of the attempted murder of Malkiat Singh Sidhu, another Sikh who was also an Indian cabinet minister, on Vancouver Island in 1986. How embarrassing! Mr Atwal has now been officially uninvited.

It becomes more evident every day that Justin Trudeau has problems. Jill Colton, a former lamestream media personality with a degree in communications and a diploma in broadcast journalism, now doing commentary on You Tube, has got to the root of Junior's personality disorder, and is starting a campaign to get some professional help for him. Here's her pitch.

Walt has only one thing to add... for now.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

VIDEO: 余婷婷 (Queenie Yu) speaks against Liberal pro-queer policies

Earlier today Walt posted "Jordan Peterson talks with Tanya Granic Allen & Queenie Yu", the full version (still only 7:47) of a 2017 interview of University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson by Tanya Granic Allen and her colleague at Parents As First Educators, Queenie Yu. The subject is Ontario's perverted sex education curriculum and gender ideology.

Tanya Granic Allen is a candidate for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. Queenie Yu (余婷婷) is her colleague at Parents as First Educators (PAFE), a social conservative activist and, a few months ago, an independent candidate in a Toronto-area by-election. Ms Yu is a strong voice for family values in the Chinese community. At the time of the interview with Dr Peterson, Ms Yu appeared on Fairchild TV to explain her community's opposition to the No-Wynne government's plans to sexualize innocent children. Here's the clip.

The voice of social conservatives needs to be heard, throughout the western world, but especially in Ontario, where a general election will be held on June 8th. If you are a resident of Ontario (only), please click here to contribute to Tanya Granic Allen's campaign. You can also help by supporting Parents As First Educators. Anyone can donate to PAFE, regardless of where they live. You won't get a tax receipt, but you will get a lot of satisfaction from doing your part to stand up for Christian family values. Thank you!

VIDEO: Jordan Peterson talks with Tanya Granic Allen & Queenie Yu (full version)

Last week, in "Ontario conservatives! Vote Tanya Granic Allen for PC party leader", I endorsed Tanya Granic Allen, the only candidate for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party who stands four-square for the Christian family values on which the AABC countries were founded. I am happy to report that Mrs Granic Allen has been officially registered as a candidate and has participated with great effect in the first televised debate, impressing even the (((controlled media))).

The liberal Toronto Star's Thomas Walkom wrote: "Thursday's debate did not showcase the party as a collection of fiscally responsible moderates. Indeed, thanks to Granic Allen's bravura performance, it was as if all energy in the party came from the hard right. She dominated the debate." Click here to see the entire debate, as moderated by (((Steve Paikin))) and aired on TVOntario. Warning: running time is almost 58 minutes.

In last week's post, we embedded a much shorter (under two minutes) video, a clip from a 2017 interview of University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson by Tanya Granic Allen and her colleague at Parents As First Educators, Queenie Yu. Some readers have asked us to post a link to the full interview. We can do even better. Here's the whole thing: running time only 7:47. Listen up!

The voice of social conservatives needs to be heard, throughout the western world, but especially in Ontario, where a general election will be held on June 8th. Tanya Granic Allen is the loudest and clearest voice of conservatism, not just in Ontario but in Canada. She needs and deserves your support. To contribute to her campaign for the PC leadership, click here. Donations are tax deductible. You must be a resident of Ontario to donate and get a tax receipt. If you are not a resident of Ontario, and still wish to help, you can click here to donate to Parents As First Educators. You won't get a tax receipt, but you will get a lot of satisfaction at having helped in this crucial effort. Tell `em Walt sent you!

Agent 34 explains the origins of the Mexican national holiday

Ed. here. This has been a slow news day in this corner of the forest. So we are much obliged to Agent 34 who sent us this explanation of the origins of the national holiday of Mexico. Muchas gracias!

Monday, February 19, 2018

"Allahu akbar!" again. This time Russia. Next time... who knows?

"Allahu akbar"! The Islamists were at it again, but you probably didn't read about it in the Western (((controlled media))) because (a) only five people were killed, (b) they were women, (c) they were Christians attending a church service, and (d) they were Russians.

Another reason for the disinterest in Muslim attacks on "infidels" is that it happened in Dagestan. Who knows where that is? [I know! It's a supposedly autonomous republic of Russia, on the western shore of the Caspian Sea. You can look it up. Ed.] There, in the city of Kizlyar, a man opened fire with a hunting rifle on worshippers -- mostly women -- a Russian Orthodox church after celebrations for Maslenitsa, a traditional pre-Lent festival.

RBK, a Russian news outlet, quoted a priest as saying the attack took place immediately following the afternoon service. "We had finished the mass and were beginning to leave the church. A bearded man ran towards the church shouting 'Allahu Akbar!' [Arabic for "God is great"] and killed four people. He was carrying a rifle and a knife."

Four women were killed on the spot; one died in hospital soon after. One of them was an award-winning doctor, Lyudmila Shcherbakova, who had more than 40 years' experience working in Dagestan's hospitals. Five other people, including a police officer and a national guardsman, were wounded, two of them critically. Doctors are seen here attending to one of the victims.

The attacker was shot and killed by police at the scene. He was later identified as 22-year-old Khalil Khalilov, a local resident. Authorities have detained his wife for questioning, but, like their counterparts in Germany, Sweden, Britain and [That's enough politically correct countries. Ed.] have declined to comment on the possible motive for the attack.

Walt suggests the fact that the killer shouted "Allahu akbar!" could be a clue to his motive. If that's not enough, Islamic State, through Amaq, its information (read: propaganda) wing, claimed that one of its "soldiers" had carried out the attack. A statement posted today on an ISIS-affiliated website, says a Muslim fighter attacked "a Christian temple" in Kizlyar. The authenticity of the statement couldn't be confirmed, but the website is regularly used by IS for posting militant statements. Walt is prepared to take their word for it.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

VIDEO: Hockey players' memorable brain farts

Poor Len Canayen here. Ed. has been asking me when I'm going to write something about the woes of the Montréal Canadiens. I am not. At least not until they're officially out of the playoffs, which should be in a week or so. I also want to see what General Manager Marc Bergevin is going to do between now and the February 26th trade deadline... if anything...

Meanwhile, Habs fans need a bit of cheering up, so here's a short(ish) video that proves that everyone makes mistakes... including Marc Bergevin. Enjoy.