Thursday, October 19, 2017

VIDEO: Hilarious Southwest Airlines pre-flight demo (with subtitles)

Airlines have been trying for decades to find ways to get passengers to pay attention to the pre-flight safety announcements. Studies have shown that videos -- introduced some years ago as an "efficiency" measure -- get even less attention than live demos. And, as this video shot on Southwest Airlines shows -- a really creative demo can get not just attention, but laughs and applause.

Thanks to Agent 17 for sending us the link to this captioned version of a very funny but whip-speedy monologue by the Southwest flight attendant who appeared with Ellen Degeneres in April of 2014. You might want to listen to the video twice because she speaks very quickly. It helps to read the captions as you listen.

Agent 3 tells us he remembers that, back in the 1980s, Air Canada experimented with letting the flight attendants make up their own stuff. He recalls hearing these witty lines:
- "There are 50 ways to leave your lover, but only 7 ways to leave this plane..." (pointing out emergency exits)
- "If the air pressure drops, what would you do? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!..." (oxygen mask demo)
- "We have just landed at (airport). Tonight Operation Ivory Liquid is in effect. This means that if you get out of your seat before the aircraft has arrived at the terminal, not only will everyone laugh at you, but you will have to stay behind and do the dishes."

The experiment lasted only a few weeks (Agent 3 adds) after which it was discontinued because it not sober and serious enough for the People's Airline, besides which it was making pax nervous. How Canadian is that!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Québec to enact law banning face coverings in public places

If they live in Québec, these women might well start looking over their shoulders, keeping their eyes (only) open for the long arm of the law, for starting soon they will be in violation of a law requiring Québec people who give or receive any public service to uncover their faces.

Bill 62, which Walt thinks might well be called the Open Face Law, is expected to be passed by the National Assembly (legislature) today. It will apply to all provincial ministries, school boards, universities, public health care institutions, subsidized day care centres, municipalities, and public transit authorities.

Also covered (or uncovered, if you'll forgive the pun) are doctors, dentists and midwives. So if you're in a doctor's office, no matter whether you're the doctor or the patient, take off that veil! Walt wonders if there's an exception for surgical masks. There should be no problem for dental patients, though. How could you get your teeth cleaned with your face covered? [I've always wondered about that too. Maybe Muslim women don't go to the dentist? Ed.]

Bill 62 details under what circumstances employers and schools should refuse requests for time off for religious reasons. It would also bar taxpayer-subsidized daycares from teaching children specific religious beliefs.

The fundamental principle of Bill 62 is the duty of religious neutrality which is considered necessary in a society which is determined to be an exemplar of secular humanism. This is a 180-degree turn from the Québec of old, of the days before the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s, when the teachings of the (pre-Vatican II) Church established the norms of morality and propriety for Canada's most Catholic province.

The secular values of the New Québec were set out back in 2013 in the Charter of Québec Values proposed by the Parti Québecois, which was then in power, in response to the anger of old stock Québecois over religious accommodation -- the PC notion that Canadians should had to adapt to the social and religious customs of non-Christian (read: Muslim) immigrants. The PQ was defeated in the next provincial election, but in 2015 similar legislation was introduced by the new Liberal government as Bill 62.

Although Bill 62 doesn't mention the niqab or burqa specifically, Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée said that, since the law will apply to municipalities, metropolitan communities and public transit organizations. anyone who rides a bus or the Métro (subway) must be unveiled. Mme Vallée told CBC Montreal's Daybreak yesterday that a woman who normally wears a burqa or niqab would have to show her face for the duration of her ride, "as long as the service is being rendered."

Beyond the face-covering ban, the Bill 62 sets out broad limits for all requests for religious accommodation. It says a request has to be "serious", respect the right to equality between men and women and "the right of every person to be treated without discrimination." Opposition to the legislation has come chiefly from the members of one religious group. Walt will leave you to guess which religion that is. Hint: It's one of the three Abrahamic religions... the newest one of the three... Geddit?

Further reading:
"Hijab, niqab, burqa -- what's the difference?", WWW 28/7/10.
"Nobody likes the Charter of Québec Values...except the people!", WWW 23/1/14.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Why no-one wants to take in Somali "refugees"

When President Trump issued his latest proclamation, "Enhancing Vetting Capabilities and Processes for Detecting Attempted Entry into the United States by Terrorists or other Public-Safety Threats" last month, the usual gang of do-gooders, SJWs and bleeding hearts denounced it as "racist", "Islamophobic", yada yada yada, since all but one of the countries named are Muslim majority states. One of those is Somalia, a failed state which has been exporting "refugees", including Islamic terrorists, to Europe and America for decades.

Use the search feature at the right to get a complete list of the many times Walt has written about "Somalis", and you will soon see why people from that wretched shithole of a "nation" should be at the top of the list of prohibited visitors or immigrants. Here are links to some of the more recent posts.

"Had enough Muslim immigrants yet?", WWW 20/9/16
"The Muslim invasion of Canada has begun (but not where you think)", WWW 6/1/17 - Most of the asylum-seekers mentioned in this piece wound up in Toronto, in the "Dixon" neighbourhood, which will be mentioned in a moment.
"Somali tribesmen of MN (!) fall for anti-vaxxers' BS, get sick and die", WWW 8/5/17
"Edmonton Muslim terrorist attack: Walt told ya so!", WWW 2/10/17
"Somali-Canadian Muslim convicted of planning terror attack on NYC", WWW 7/10/17.

Apparently no-one made the connection between the Islamic terrorist wannabe mentioned in the first post on my list, and the one mentioned in the last post. They are both Somali Muslims. So is the guy charged with attempted murder in the Edmonton "incident". He was first described by Canadian "authorities" and the lamestream media as a "refugee". Turns out his refugee claim was actually made in the USA, where he lived for some time until he was ordered deported. One step ahead of ICE, he then fled to the Great No-longer-white North, where he was welcomed by the gullible Canucks. The Mounties probably helped him with his luggage, as they have with the 1000s of illegals who have crossed the border at Emerson MB and Lacolle QC.

Speaking of those who crossed at Emerson -- see second story on the above list -- Torontonians may be dismayed, but will not be surprised to learn that almost all of them took the welfare and resettlement money given to them by the soft-hearted and soft-headed Canadians and made their way to Toronto, where they were welcomed into the ghetto known as "Dixon", in northern Etobicoke. That area is largely inhabited by Somali refugees, countrymen and perhaps kinsmen of Canada's Minister of Immigration and Refugees (sic), Ahmed Hussen.

Walt has e-mailed the Honourable Mr Husssen for comment on a spate of recent shootings in his community. Last week The Economist released a new index ranking Toronto as the safest city in North America. This comes as news to the residents of Dixon, who held a protest meeting last week (attended only by women and children -- the Somali men were elsewhere) to call for government help (= money) to deal with the seemingly relentless violence that cut short the lives of two young Somali "refugees" last this week alone.

Abdulkadir Bihi, 29, of Toronto was fatally shot last Thursday afternoon when police located him in a vehicle in front of an apartment building on Dixon Road. Police have since charged two suspects with first-degree murder in connection to the homicide. Four days later, a 16-year-old boy died of his injuries in hospital following a triple shooting in the parking lot of Kingsview Village School on Dixon Road and Islington Avenue.
The two other victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The deceased was identified as Zakariye Ali of Toronto. All involved -- victims and shooters -- are Somalis.

Now we come to this weekend's bloody atrocity in the place those people came from -- Somalia, first and foremost among the world's failed states. It is hard to argue with the proposition that Somalia is a dangerous place, even for natives. Not only political conflict, but tribal and clan warfare have raged there since early 2009 -- and that's just the current phase of yet another Muslim civil war into which the West got sucked in the name of peace-keeping. Remember Black Hawk Down? That was about the Battle of Mogadishu, way back in 1993, in which American forces took on Somali militia fighters, with predictable results. (I wrote earlier today about the latest phase of the war in Iraq. See the pattern?)

Mogadishu this weekend was the scene of two massive truck bombings. The death toll is now (Monday morning) over 300, with a like number wounded and injured. Somalia's alleged government -- whose writ does not run even in the country's capital city -- is blaming the al-Shabaab, an affiliate of al-Qaeda. The Islamic terror attack was one of the worst in the world in recent years, and the worst in Somalia ever. Al-Shabaab, Africa's deadliest Islamic extremist group, often targets high-profile areas of Mogadishu. Earlier this year, it vowed to step up attacks after both the Trump administration and Somalia's recently elected president announced new military efforts against the group.

In the wake of the massacre, the one-worlders, bleeding hearts and chattering classes will be calling on President Trump to "temporarily" except Somalia from the list of countries whose nationals aren't allowed to enter the USA. "Be human!", they will clamour, pissing and moaning about those poor people whose lives are in danger, who want to come to America (and maybe onward to Canada, or the other way around) to find peace and security.

At the risk of appearing hard-hearted, Walt would suggest that the only threats to the lives and well-being of most Somalis are threats posed by other Somalis! If you don't believe me, look at Dixon. They bring their political and religious strife with them, as part of their psychological baggage. Better, for us at least, that they stay at home.

: Oh... Forgot to identify the three Somali "refugees" in the pix above. Check out "Minneapolis: Somali 'refugees' terrorize neighborhood", a story completely ignored by the Star-Tribune since it happened in July of 2016, during the election campaign. Briefly, a group of 20-30 Somali "refugees" terrorized a small neighbourhood filled with million dollar homes, screaming about "jihad" while waving Somali flags, shooting off fireworks and driving their cars onto sidewalks and lawns. They also threatened to kidnap women and rape them because "Sharia law says it's legal."

Gulf Wars drag on: Walt's guide to who's fighting who

Even though it's the longest-running continuous military engagement in US history, some time has passed since the Gulf Wars (aka Oil Wars) was front page news in the Paranoid States of America. That may be about to change as the fighting enters a new phase.

Now that the ISIS (the Sunni Muslim terrorist "state") has been more or less defeated, at least in Iraq, the "victors" -- Shiite Muslims in the south and Kurds in the north -- are starting to fight each other. Western armed forces, mostly American, are caught in the middle, "training and advising" both sides.

The last noteworthy battle in Iraq, which dragged on through most of this summer, was in Mosul, the heart of the Kurdish part of Iraq, also in the middle of large oil fields. The area is also home to millions of Arabs, Turkmen, Yazidis and a few thousand persecuted Christians. Mainly Kurdish forces, led into battle by American and Canadian "trainers" succeeded in driving out the ISIS jihadis.

Last month, flush with success and swimming in oil money, the Kurdish government of the semi-autonomous region held a referendum on independence, in defiance of Iraq's central government in Baghdad. To no-one's surprise, the Kurds voted overwhelmingly in favour of declaring the own republic. They already had a flag, so figured a state would make the set complete. The Iraqi government immediately called on foreign countries to stop importing oil from the Kurdish region and to deal with them instead.

This weekend the Iraqi government dropped the other shoe. The so-called Iraqi National Army and state-backed Shia militias launched a major, multi-pronged attack aimed at retaking Kirkuk. Kurdish forces appeared to be pulling back, abandoning fortified positions around the airport as large numbers of civilians fled the northern city ahead of a feared assault.

This latest phase in what is essentially a Muslim civil war pits two close US allies against each other, potentially undermining the unfinished war against ISIS. There is a very real possibility, right now, of American "trainers" and "special forces" being killed by Canadians, or (more likely) vice versa. Walt says it's folly to take sides in this conflict -- a waste of money and of the precious lives of our troops. Let the Muslims duke it out! We can buy oil from any of them... hell, all of them!

Further reading: Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq, by Thomas E. Ricks (Penguin Press 2006).

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Anti-immigrant Austrian voters won't be denied this time!

The last time I wrote at length about Austrian politics was in the middle of 2016, when a conspiracy of the mainstream parties robbed the right-wing populist Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) of victory in that country's presidential election. On 1 July 2016 the Constitutional Court ruled that there had been some "irregularities" and ordered a do-over. The result was a clear(er) win for the pro-EU former Greenie Alexander Van der Bellen.

The liberal meeja were all cock-a-hoop over the defeat of FPÖ leader Norbert Hofer, saying that Austrian voters had "decisively rejected the possibility of the EU getting its first far-right head of state, instead electing a former leader of the Green party who said he would be an 'open-minded, liberal-minded and above all a pro-European president'." (The Grauniad, 4/12/16) All very well, but liberals and one-worlders lost sight of the fact that the presidency of Austria is a ceremonial position. The president is just a figurehead. Real power lies with the Austrian parliament.

Today, Austrians voted in a general election in which the main issue was immigration. Overwhelmingly negative public sentiment has forced even the mainstream political parties to call for tougher immigration policies, and the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) is expected to increase its representation in parliament significantly.

The frontrunner, according to the latest polls, is the conservative People's Party (ÖVP), led by 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz, another selfie-loving glamour boy in the mold of Canada's Trudeau or France's Macron. Herr Kurz seems likely to become the next chancellor (= prime minister) of a coalition government in which his party will be joined by... wait for it... the FPÖ! The Social Democrats, who were the junior partners with the ÖVP in the last government, will challenge the FPÖ for second place, but even if they finish second, the ÖVP will have little choice (because of the immigration issue) but to work with the FPÖ, leaving the liberals in opposition.

Immigration has been a dominant issue in the campaign, and the election comes amid anxiety in Austria (and Europe as a whole) over the huge influx of illegal migrants, "refugees" and asylum-seekers which fuelled an electoral breakthrough by the AfD (Alternativ für Deutschland)in neighbouring Germany last month. See "German election results 'a political earthquake'", WWW 24/9/17.

Since the beginning of the refugee crisis in 2015, the political landscape of Austria has shifted to the right. Just how far it has shifted should be known in the next six hours. Stay tuned.

Friday, October 13, 2017

President Trump says it's OK to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS" again!

Speaking of Canadian stamps... Canada Post Corp has announced its line-up of special issues for the coming holiday season. A stamp for Diwali (the Hindu festival of lights) has already been released. Designs have been approved to commemorate Nowruz, Kwanzaa, (((Hannukah))), Eid and "Winter Holiday". However, CPC spokesthingy Carol Singh said, there are no plans for a stamp bearing the word "Christmas", since that could be offensive to Zoroastrians, African-Canadians, (((Jews))), Muslims and secular humanists.

Meanwhile, on the warmer side of the world's longest undefended border, President Donald J. Trump (How sweet it still is!), speaking at the Value Voters Summit in Washington today, assured Christian conservatives that his administration will defend religious organizations. Promising a return to traditional American values, the President said "How times have changed, but you know what, now they are changing back again, just remember that!"

Mr Trump, the first sitting president to address the Values Voter Summit, listed the promises he's fulfilled to evangelical Christians, traditional Catholics and other conservatives, pledging to turn back the clock in "a nation that has drifted away from its religious roots." Today he added another promise, vowing to return the phrase "Merry Christmas!" to the American vocabulary, in place of the wimpy and politically correct "Happy Holidays".

He noted that religious liberty is enshrined in the founding documents of the United States of America. There are four references to the "Creator" in the Declaration of Independence, Mr Trump said, adding "I pledged that in a Trump administration, our nation's religious heritage would be cherished, protected and defended like you have never seen before. Above all else in America, we don't worship government. We worship God!"

Centenary of the Miracle of the Sun, + VIDEO: Does the Filial Correction = rejection of Vatican II?

Today, 13 October 2017, is the 100th anniversary of the final Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal. This sixth appearance by Our Lady of Fatima was witnessed by a crowd of some 70,000, including members of the media and many non-believers and sceptics who had come to scoff. They were blessed to be present at one of the most stupendous events of the 20th century -- the Miracle of the Sun.

Here (above) is a real, unretouched photo of some of the witnesses. What they saw is described in an eyewitness account by José Maria de Almeida Garrett, a professor at the Faculty of Sciences of Coimbra, Portugal. The sun danced in the sky, the colour of the whole landscape changed successively, and the sun seemed to come down towards the people, so that many thought it was the end of the world. It was also seen at a distance by various people, undercutting the idea that it was simply a collective hallucination. Something else that suggests that the miracle was genuine is that the people at the Cova felt the heat of the sun as it approached them. Their clothes and the ground – which had been soaked by the torrential rain – were dry at the end of the miracle.

Traditional Catholics see the Miracle of the Sun as a foreshadowing of what will actually happen at the end of the world, and also as an indication that we are living in a time of crisis, of judgment, when we are called to stand up for the Church and for the truth. That is the theme of this dialogue between The Remnant's Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara, one of the signatories to the Filial Correction. See the earlier video, "Michael Matt on the Filial Correction sent to Pope Francis", WWW 26/9/17.

In this video, Messrs Matt and Ferrara have an unscripted conversation about the latest scandal out of the Francis pontificate, the Filial Correction and what it really means to "reject" the Second Vatican Council. Running time: 34:04, worth every second.